Sunday, October 17, 2010

Search for the Perfect Dress: The End

I have managed to get one thing done in the past few weeks.  While on a trip to Northern California, I FINALLY got to revisit the dress that I fell in love with at Elegant Lace almost 2 years ago.

I still love it, and I'm buying it.

So if you don't want to see me in my wedding dress, you probably don't want to continue.

And for those of you still here, pictures!

Now, I have to say before you look at them that these are shitty, shitty pictures.  I don't know what it is about bridal stores and their salespeople, but I swear they try to make pictures look bad.  I feel this accusation is warranted as I took a picture of my friend in her dress in this exact location, and even though we have the same camera, that picture was far superior to these ones.  Dress salesladies, out to make you look bad.

OK, OK, here are the pictures:

When the pick-ups are fluffed out and I have an underskirt, it will look much fuller and prettier

Ugh, it seriously pains me how bad these pictures are, this dress is so much prettier than this

This one's a little better, at least you can see the pretty details in the train

See what I mean?  The one decent picture is one I surreptitiously took of myself.  Isn't the bodice lovely though?

Well, there you have it, I have a dress.  OK, so I actually still have 2 dresses, but hopefully, I will soon be down to just this one *crosses fingers*.

If you can get to San Jose, I must once again recommend Synthia at Elegant Lace.  She is very nice, lots of fun, and not too pushy, and all three of the people I know who have gone to her have bought dresses from her.

So, what do you think?  This:

or this

Trying to ignore the levels of photography, do you think I made the right choice?
If you missed the rest of my crazy dress hunt, click here.


  1. OMG! That dress is gorgeous. I love the beading on the corset. You look gorgeous in it! I definitely think that's the one for you!

  2. I love that dress on you!!! It's so gorgeous with all the beading. It blows that other dress out of the water.

  3. i LOVE that dress, nicole! part of me wanted to be surprised but i couldn't help it. :D i think it's gorgeous on you. i like the other as well a lot, but this one seems to say "nicole" to me for some reason. go for it!

  4. Yeah, this one is amazing! It looks great on you. I think you should go for it. Hopefully you won't have any trouble selling the other dress, but even if you have to keep it, it could be useful someday, you never know!


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