Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wedding Websites

OK, so I have a question.  I'm starting to look into getting us a wedding website, and, well, there are a lot of choices.  So I need your help.  If you have a wedding website, what site did you use?  Are you happy with it?  What features did you find most useful?


  1. was my favorite because there are NO ADS! and you can customize it with whatever tabs you want, and upload photos. feel free to check mine out if you want:

    also - not sure if you've registered yet but you should check out - it allows you to select gifts from every store under the sun instead of being locked in to just one or two - i selected items from anthropologie for the kitchen and pottery barn, etc. it was great!

  2. We used the Knot. It was easy to use and easy to share. I don't know how many people actually looked at it, but it was a nice place to have our registries and directions.

  3. We used There are a lot of different styles to pick, and you can add as many tabs as you want. It's super easy to customize with pictures and slideshows. You can look at mine at

  4. We're on For the most part I'm happy with it, except that in order to use the wedpass to lock it, people have to register for the site which I don't like. But there are a variety of styles and it let's you add several pages (more than we need).


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