Sunday, September 12, 2010

Driving Down the 1, California Wedding Here We Come*

I may still have 1,000,001 things to do in the next few weeks, but I am feeling better about the wedding stuff at least.  Daniel and I had a lovely time hunting for venues on Friday, and I have renewed hope that we will get everything done before our families and friends knock down our door and demand a date.

We finally got to do what I've been wanting to do pretty much since the beginning:  drive down PCH (or the 1 for those of you who don't live near Long Beach) in Laguna and look for parks or cheaper looking areas with an ocean view.

For the most part, this resulted in us turning down one way, no outlet side streets in a fruitless search for secluded patches of grass.  However, it was totally worth it because we did find a few gems.  I was particularly excited about this one:

Random Park on Random Side Street in Laguna Beach

Perfect view, secluded, and the only pedestrians that might bother us would be the ones sneaking down the stairs to the beach.  If we're allowed to rent this area, it could turn out really well for us.  Parking would be...impossible, but there's always renting a party bus.

We found several real venues on our drive as well that I can now look into.  I don't know if any of this is even going to be worth the effort because I'm still rooting for Catalina, but regardless, it's nice to be able to make progress.

So here is my solution to wedding stress:

Step 1:  Steal Mom's convertible
Step 2:  Look for wedding stuff while driving down some of the most beautiful coastline in the world
Step 3:  Stop at the Shake Shack for a peanut butter shake while taking in the view
Step 4:  Come home with enough new options to feel like you did something instead of just enjoying the sun

View from the Shake Shack

*All Personal Photos

What do you do to relieve wedding stress?  Do you have ways of getting things done that don't leave out the fun?

*A gold star if you get the song reference


  1. That sounds like an amazing plan. You found a really perfect little park too!


  2. I love that park you found, great view and it looks like there is a little area where the two of you can be on the balcony with your officiant and the guests can be on the grass. If its not the perfect place you were hoping for I hope you do find what you're looking for.

    Wedding stress can get the best of us and sometimes you just need to take a break from it, take a day or two to relax and not doing anything wedding related....maybe after you find your venue you can do this! :)


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