Saturday, March 24, 2012

Can You Feel the Love Tonight: The Good Couple Pictures

Even though we were super late to the reception, I had to get some pictures there before we could go up.

If there had been more room in it, and the city of Tiburon didn't suck so hard, we would have gotten married at the park in front of Guayma's.  It has a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay, and Angel Island.  I love it.

I also knew that about the time we got to the reception, we would also get the best lighting of the day.  I was not disappointed.

So we took a few quick photos before heading up to the reception, and even with the time crunch, I'm really glad we did because these photos are my favorite bunch of the day.  They are simply stunning.

Photos by Stephen Cheng Photography.

And then, finally, it was time to go to the reception.

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